andrea_deer (andrea_deer) wrote in thenorthwing,

Well Known Stranger (Sherlock BBC)

Title: Well Known Stranger
Rating: Mature
Beta: frayer
Word Count: 2255
Warnings: There are some disturbing themes involving blood and solitary confinement mostly, please check the tags for details.
Pairings/Characters: Sebastian Moran & Jim Moriarty
Summary: He was woken with a start, when the food arrived, and for the first time in ages, for a brief moment, he forgot about the hunger.
There were only thirty-four crosses on the wall opposite him.
And underneath them, written in dirtied blood, there was a message: Good boy.
Prompt: Well known stranger - BBC Sherlock fanon, Sebastian/Moriarty, first meeting face to face. Prompted by r_a_j_ka in the 200 Prompts Meme (Feel free to leave your own prompts there!)

Tags: 200 prompts fill, backstory fic, character:jim morriarty, character:sebastian moran, fandom:sherlock bbc, meme, rating:r, status:complete, type:prompt fill, warning:creepy, warning:murders, words:1001-5000

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