andrea_deer (andrea_deer) wrote in thenorthwing,

Please fund me?

Hi, guys, I need your help. I've decided to attempt to finish my studies. Sadly, I need some help with it. (I describe it in more details here, on my personal journal.)

Dream goal here is 450$ (it would allow me to live on safely, without any debts), but 300$ would keep me afloat until the paycheck in March and anything less would help me minimalize the damage and would still be highly appreciated.
Now, so you don't ever think you're not appreciated. I admit that I won't be able to give you any gifts for this help until I'm done with the thesis, but I promise that by the end of the year you will get something. (Besides my eternal gratefulness, obviously.)

5$ will give you a fic of at least 500 words.
10$ will give you a fic of at least 3.000 words.
25$ will give you a fic of at least 10.000 words.
50$ will practically sign me up to be your personal bigbang writer and I shall write a story of at least 25.000 words for you.

In each case you get a say about the fandom/plot/pairings/etc.

If you pay extra, I'm willing to join a new fandom to write you something. (The list of my current fandoms is here.)

Remember: I may not be a very good author, but I'm determined here and also I consider writing rare/weird/unconventional ships and pairings a personal challenge of mine, so if you had this one idea you wanted to commission, but had no one to go to - this is your chance.

I'm totally grateful to you if you decide to donate, signal boost this or even if you just read that and not thought about me as of terrible whiny leech. Thank you all. :*
Tags: beggars post, comission, please fund me

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