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200 prompts Meme! :D

I took the idea from 3a_berkeley. The plan is to motivate me to write some stuff finally, though fair warning I have some writing obligations that will come before this, so it might take a while, before I fulfill any promises made here. ;)

I am going to list 200 prompts and you comment with the prompt number, fandom and character/pairing and I will do my best to fill it.

My list of my fandoms can be found HERE.

001. I'm so excited! - Pretty Wicked / Mad Homos
002. We're going home - Merlin/Eggsy (Kingsman)
003. Silence is easy - Great Wanker / Greater Goat
004. Echo - Mycroft Holmes & Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)
005. It is what it is
006. Secrets - Sherlock: Sally/Anthea (h/c) (x)
007. Picking up the pieces - The X-Files: Krycek/Byers (x)
008. Feral love
009. Thinking of you
010. You're the one worth waiting for.
011. Words can't express, the impact you've made on me - Sherlock, sherlock/john, but anything sherlock would be good (x)
012. Let's leave no words unspoken
013. Hope is always fear
014. Lips that need no introduction
015. You were my greatest mistake
016. I fell in love with your sin
017. Can you feel the silence begin to tear
018. I'm drinking what used to be sin
019. You left me in the dark - Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles (x)
020. I was in the darkness, so darkness I became
021. Congratulations to the dry eyes - Mycroft/Lestrade (Sherlock) (x)
022. Where you've been tonight
023. What about everything?
024. Say I never mattered - Mycroft/Lestrade (Sherlock)</i> (x)</s>
025. Far away
026. Almost in love
027. Quiet type - Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Rosa/Amy (x)
028. Better than me
029. A day without you
030. Carry on
031. Nothing left to say - The X-Files, Doggett/Reyes (x)
032. Last goodbye
033. Make me - Sam/Castiel (Supernatural) (x)
034. Take me home
035. Don't stop - Teen Wolf: Jackson/Stiles (x)
036. Never again
037. Well known stranger - Sebastian/Moriarty (Sherlock) (x)
038. Drive
039. I need a minute - Star Trek: TOS: Spock & Scotty (or Spock/Scotty if you prefer XP) (x)
040. See you there Bobby/Crowley (Supernatural) (x)
041. One more night
042. Smile like you mean it
043. You're always there - MCU: Steve/Sam (x)
044. Waiting for you
045. Nothing else matters - In the Flesh, Simon/Kieren (x)
046. Brave - Harry Potter, Drarry, fucking Gryffindors. (x)
047. Better than new
048. We've got company - Star Trek AOS, gen (x)
049. That's not my name - Supernatural, Castiel. Can be gen. (x)
050. Poker face
051. Help, I'm alive - In the Flash, Rick angst. (x)
052. I won't give up - Sherlock: Sally (x)
053. Daydreams - Inception, one-sided Eames/Arthur (x)
054. Guilty kisses
055. You look great in red - Teen Wolf, Kate Argent (any pairing but if you write me Kate/Peter I'll love you forever) (x)
056. Written in blood
057. Second time around - In the Flash, Rick/Kieren (x)
058. Come away with me - TOS or TAS Kirk/Spock or Kirk/McCoy (x)
059. Hush
060. Mirrors
061. Too soon - X-Men, Magneto/Mystique. (x)
062. Glory and gore
063. Watching you
064. Lost and found
065. All alone
066. Memories - OINTB, Poussey (x)
067. Try again - Harry Potter, Drarry (x)
068. Sleepless
069. Going Away
070. Let's make love and listen to the Smiths - BBC Sherlock, Molly/Sally details here: (x)
071. Next to me
072. Simon says
073. It's not your fault
074. We've missed each other again
075. Dragons are cool - Star Trek AOS: Madeline & Darwin (x)
076. Sleep alone
077. Let's go home - MCU: Phil/Clint (x)
078. Are you satisfied?
079. Closer
080. I'll be watching you
081. Safeword
082. Nobody move, nobody get hurt
083. I won't tell anybody
084. Runs in the family
085. Life less ordinary - Mortal Kombat/Teen Wolf: Rayden/Sheriff (always bonus points for Stiles appaearing in the fic or walking in on Rayden and Johnny XD) (x) </s> - TOS or TAS Kirk/Spock or Kirk/McCoy (x)
086. No one else but you
087. Never gonna leave me
088. The thanks I get - Star Trek AOS: Kirk/McCoy/Spock (x)
089. Lost in the crowd
090. Take it or leave it
091. Rain
092. If I had it all
093. Run
094. When they come for me - XFiles, any (x)
095. Obsession
096. Respect - Bond: Dench!M & Moneypenny (x)
097. Royals - BBC Sherlock, Moriarty/Sebastian (x)
098. Falling in lust
099. This used to be easier - This used to be easier – Pinto, teaching a newbie. (x)
100. Help me
101. Clueless - Star Trek AOS: Gaila and Cupcake friendship (x)
102. Leave me alone
103. For your own good
104. Don't cry
105. Switch - Sherlock, Mycroft/Lestrade (x)
106. I'd recognize you anywhere
107. I've changed a lot - Teen Wolf: Sheriff & Peter (x)
108. That was unexpected - MCU: Phil/Clint (x)
109. Don't make me choose
110. I'd follow you anywhere - In the Flesh: Simon/Kieren (x)
111. You're so pretty, when you cry - Supernatural, Sam/Castiel (x)
112. Trust no one - SPN, Sam/Ruby (x)
113. You were worth it
114. Wait for me - TOS or TAS Kirk/Spock or Kirk/McCoy (x)
115. I spy
116. Used
117. Fake it till you make it
118. If you don't feel the same - I didn't mean it - Brooklyn 99, the very mature Peralta. (x)
119. I'm gonna regret this - Almost Human: Kennex/Dorian (x)
120. Date interrupted
121. Let me show you how country feels - Sherlock&Mycroft Holmes, gen please. via PM from filigranka

and in the honour of lately quite popular AU posts:

122. "didn’t I see you as a model in a sexy calendar somewhere" AU

123. "hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but I showed up to this Halloween party as Character A from my OTP and you showed up as Character B, so make out with me maybe??" AU

124. "the (apocalypse of your choice) is happening right outside the window and I still have to work in this fucking coffee shop" AU Sherlock&John (Sherlock) (x)

125. "i didn't knew you were a serial killer too, when I decided to kill you" AU - Sherlock? Pairing your choice :) (x)

126. "accidentally swapped phones with someone at a party and don’t realize until their mom calls in the morning and you spend like three hours talking to this hilarious woman about life and when you go to her house to return her kid’s phone wow the kid is the really good kisser from the party last night" AU

127. "finds the other persons wallet on the street and goes on a quest to give it back" au - Mystrade, and it’s Mycroft’s wallet, in his defense, there were Russian spies involved. (x)

128. "the only two people at a bar rooting for the same football team" au

129. "waiting for a flight that gets delayed" au - Inception, Mal/Dom, and make it a train. (x)

130. "street magician" au

131. "take the same bus every morning" au - Sherlock, Harry/Sally (x)

132. "stop talking during the movie i am trying to watch dick bag" au - Star Trek AOS: McCoy/Spock (x)

133. "having each other’s names on coke bottles and discovering it in the line to pay" au

134. "platonic living together" au

135. "high school teachers" AU

136. "trapped in a bank during a robbery" AU - Mystrade, “This can’t be happening, I am a COPPER” / “This can’t be happening, I… occupy a minor position in the British government”. (x)

137. "I'm pretending to be ur bff bc u looked VERY uncomfortable with that person at the bar hitting on u" AU - Brooklyn 99, Holt helping out Peralta who got himself into a situation at a gay bar. (x)

138. "on a train together and the train is stopped in the middle of nowhere for some reason" AU

139. "both speak another language and have to communicate another way" au

140. "running from the police" au

141. Librarian au Phil/Clint (MCU) (x)

142. "rebels against the government" AU

143. "internet friends" au - Sherlock, Mary & Sally (x)

144. "saw their number graffitied on a toilet stall" au

145. "you know you're singing to your headphones our lourd, right" au

146. "i think your dog likes my dog" au

147. "kissed them as a distraction while stealing their wallet" au

148. "tried breaking into my flat when they were drunk bc they thought it was theirs" au

149. "pick each other up from bad dates" au - Teen Wolf, Danny/Isaac (x)

150. "rival coffee shops" au

151. "cop vs pushy reporter" au

152. "snowed in at the library" au

153. "inter-departmental sports competition" au

154. “we just caught our alternate universe selves making out and now everything is super awkward” au

155. "cooks at rival restaurants" au

156. "person a trying to set person b up with other people" au

157. youtuber au

158. "person a being a guard outside buckingham palace that person b always tries to distract" au

159. "waiters at a fancy restaurant" au - MCU, Sam/Steve/Bucky (x)

160. "stop playing your music so goddamn loud it’s 4 am and i can hear it from my apartment" au

161. "the thief and the conman" au

162. "medieval au where they’re hunting mythological creatures au

163. mafia au

164. "oops i accidentally summoned a demon" au

165. "lost a bet and now has to work for the other" au

166. "met while traveling the world" au

167. "co stars in a hit tv/movie" au

168. "lead singers in rival bands" au

169. "my walkie-talkie’s picking up your walkie-talkie" au

170. "alone in a dance class and I need a partner" au - Star Trek TOS (though may be AOS I guess): Uhura/Chapel (x)

171. "we’re in the same field but we live on different sides of the country/world and only get to see each other during conferences" au

172. "quarantined together" au

173. "my car broke down on the side of the road and my cell phone’s dead so I’ll just stand here looking pathetic and wait for someone to pull over" au

174. "reluctant criminal + random hostage" au - Supernatural, Sam/Castiel (x)

175. "there’s someone following me can you pretend to be my significant other until they leave" au - Sherlock, Dimmock/Anderson (x)

176. "ghost + ghost hunter" au

177. "oh my god im so sorry my dog usually doesnt jump up on people like this i have no idea what their deal is but also hey there" AU

178. "3am and the fire alarm in our apartment complex just went off let me lend you my jacket while we wait on the sidewalk" AU - X-Files, any pairing (but Skinner/Scully preferable) (x)

179. "well were both here to meet a mutual friend to hang out but they dropped out last second and this is awkward as shit huh" AU - Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles (x)

180. "'im sorry but your headphones are so loud i can hear them from here and just what the crap do you think youre listening to thats so two thousand and lame'" AU MCU: Phil/Clint (x)

181. "hogwarts professors" au

182. "beauxbatons and durmstrang students who meet at the triwizard tournament" au - Star Trek AOS, Sprik (x)

183. "professional quidditch players" au

184. "Wedding Planner" AU

185. "ONE NIGHT STAND BEFORE THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR NEW JOB AND OOPS THAT WAS YOUR NEW BOSS YOU WERE SLEEPING WITH" AU - I'm taking this one myself for super top secret purposes that shall be revealed later on.

186. "called tech support and flirted with the geek squad kid working the phones by themselves" AU

187. "post-apocalyptic AU where it’s just the two of them and a bunch of zombies running rampant, and all they’re armed with is their wits and each other’s backs"

188. "met standing in the reallllllly long queue for the dressing rooms" au

189. "lifeguards at a summer camp" au

190. "you’ve been playing guitar in the hall of the hotel since three in the morning and i came down to tell you to shut the fuck up" au

191. "gets into a cab only to find someone else already inside" AU - Sherlock? Pairing your choice :) (x)

192. "Are a poor street musician and a wealthy person who patronizes them frequently" AU

193. "Have a one-night stand or share a drunken kiss, then go their separate ways, only to meet by happenstance many years later" AU

194. "Find themselves responsible for an infant (the infant’s parents have died and left them as guardians, etc) and are unprepared" AU

195. "Attend the same support group" AU

196. "Have swapped bodies due to a mishap" AU MCU, Clint and Tony (x)

197. "Are spending time just before the end (days away from an apocalypse)" AU

198. "Are a hitchhiker and driver" AU

199. "Are the only people in a movie theater together" AU - Black Sails Beyond, Silver/Flint, (Black Sails)

200. "Are kidnapped together" AU - Sherlock Holmes RDJ if you write it (if not Avengers works too) (x) + - Sherlock? Pairing your choice :) (x)

Most of AU prompts were found on tumblr, in those posts: (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x), (x) and generally here.

* You may note some weird notes, those are my secret codes for pairings I'm working in secret (to surprise someone or something like that). Secrety secrets of secretity.

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