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200 prompts Meme! :D

I took the idea from 3a_berkeley. The plan is to motivate me to write some stuff finally, though fair warning I have some writing obligations that will come before this, so it might take a while, before I fulfill any promises made here. ;)

I am going to list 200 prompts and you comment with the prompt number, fandom and character/pairing and I will do my best to fill it.

My list of my fandoms can be found HERE.

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* You may note some weird notes, those are my secret codes for pairings I'm working in secret (to surprise someone or something like that). Secrety secrets of secretity.

BS - Miranda

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"No, she was cremated and the urn was burried in her hometown. The officer working the case with clear emotional investment passed away last year and dear old Philip died of cancer five years ago. As far as humans are concerned any potential witnesses or cariers of the message if you will are very much dead. However," John turned the laptop towards James, a mor eup to date picture of a huge standing mirror taking most of the monitor, "the mirror in case was just sold."

"To whom?"

"Hard to say, would have to make some calls to confirm for sure, but judging by the comment section on the auction two most interested people was some woman from Nebraska and a local antique shop owner, so I think we know who's our best bet."

"We can confirm it in the morning and smash it later. This should be enough."

"I suppose."

"What do you mean?"

"It's just.... She's not entirely tied to that mirror, is she? If we smash it while she's elsewhere, chilling killing, she might not dissapear."

"You think it would be best to smash it while she's in it? To summon her?"

"That sounds a lot like tempting fate, but I think it would make more sense."

James nodded. "It would. I will have to summon her and when she shows up, I can kill her."

"Excuse me," scoffed John, "you will just summon her? Can I remind you it's not exactly thateasy, she doesn't just come for whoever calls, you need to-"

"I know what I need, SIlver and I-"

James looked down at his phone vibrating on the coffee table without a sound. "What the hell have you done?"

"Saved us both a headache," murmured John passing James the phone and frowning when he saw Miranda's name on it.

James grabbed the phone and disconnected the call. John looked at him in disbelief and almost reprouchful.

"I will call her later when I have more to tell her."

"You figured telling her Abigail is safe is not worth sharing?"

The phone vibrated again, Abigail's name flashing on the display.

"Is she?" he asked Siver picking up the call. He paused briefly as he heard a sniffled sob.

"Abigail, is everything all right?"

"I saw her."

"What? Who did you see?"

"I saw Mary. She's after me now."


(we're rewriting it all, well the theme. Silver was cursed, muldoon spent some time with him, but needed to help logan, flint helped outcause of hal and was supposed to drive silver back to hal to make sure the curse is done. Its supposed to be dead but there's risk for a few months, previous victims often died after six, or sth. Instead they keep driving around together and bond. And bone.)
BS - Miranda

Fic: Skin Full of Lies (Black Sails, Silver/Flint)

Skin Full of Lies (1907 words)
Fandom: Black Sails
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Captain Flint/John Silver
Characters: Captain Flint, John Silver
Additional Tags: Past Captain Flint/Thomas Hamilton - Freeform, Past Thomas Hamilton/Miranda Hamilton, angsty, Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, silver is a lying little shit, Tattoos, Magical Tattoos


Every lie your soulmate tells you appears on your skin. Between outward lies, manipulations and stories told the crew John Silver's ink quite quickly takes over most of James' body.


A Single Worst Matchmaker (Bones/Spock, Star Trek AOS)

Title: A Single Worst Matchmaker (on AO3)
Pairings/Characters: Leonard McCoy/Spock, Jim Kirk
Rating: PG13
Warnings: nothing drastic but my mistakes
Additional tags: aromantic!Jim, pinning!Leonard, Spock logicking through romance. Also: Leonard's POV, Spock's flirting and Jim's brilliant ideas.
Summary: Jim is trying to set Leonard up with someone. It would be easier if Leonard could finally ger over his crush on Jim, because Jim is very much not interested and they both know it.
Prompt: I've used a prompt from my 200 prompts list: „156. person a trying to set person b up with other people au”. Kinda. Except how Person B ended up with Person C. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
A/N: Late, but genuine best birthday wishes, megan_moonlight! :D I hope you like it!

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BS - Miranda

See You There (Supernatural)

Title: See You There
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: nothing unexpected
Pairings/Characters: Bobby/Crowley
Summary: It's better to kiss the demon to seal the deal, if it's not really required than to let the bastard have an option of backing out of the deal. (Or, basically, the short story about Bobby kissing Crowley.)
Prompt: See you there - Supernatural: Bobby/Crowley Prompted by megan_moonlight in the 200 Prompts Meme (Feel free to leave your own prompts there!)

BS - Miranda

Flood of Ills Comes Upon Mortals (Sherlock BBC)

Title: Flood of Ills Comes Upon Mortals
Rating: Gen
Warnings: Apocalypse, Coffe Shop AU, Swearing, Some Humor, First Meetings, mentions of depression.
Pairings/Characters: Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
Summary: It may or may not be the end of the world. John may or may not be considered a barista. Sherlock is quite certainly mad.
Prompt: 124. "the (apocalypse of your choice) is happening right outside the window and I still have to work in this fucking coffee shop" AU - Sherlock BBC Sherlock or John as a barista (or both lol). Prompted by 3a_berkeley in the 200 Prompts Meme (Feel free to leave your own prompts there!)

BS - Miranda

Well Known Stranger (Sherlock BBC)

Title: Well Known Stranger
Rating: Mature
Beta: frayer
Word Count: 2255
Warnings: There are some disturbing themes involving blood and solitary confinement mostly, please check the tags for details.
Pairings/Characters: Sebastian Moran & Jim Moriarty
Summary: He was woken with a start, when the food arrived, and for the first time in ages, for a brief moment, he forgot about the hunger.
There were only thirty-four crosses on the wall opposite him.
And underneath them, written in dirtied blood, there was a message: Good boy.
Prompt: Well known stranger - BBC Sherlock fanon, Sebastian/Moriarty, first meeting face to face. Prompted by r_a_j_ka in the 200 Prompts Meme (Feel free to leave your own prompts there!)

BS - Miranda

bday gift for megan_moonlight! (will be cleaned up a bit later, now it's a last minute mess :P)

Happy birthday, megan_moonlight. :D (It’s painfully unbeta-ed, but it’s 3am and I just wanted for once give you the gift on your actual birthday :* I will probably clean it up a bit later on :*)

Phil/Clint, first meeting AU, prompt chosen and written by me.

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Please fund me?

Hi, guys, I need your help. I've decided to attempt to finish my studies. Sadly, I need some help with it. (I describe it in more details here, on my personal journal.)

Dream goal here is 450$ (it would allow me to live on safely, without any debts), but 300$ would keep me afloat until the paycheck in March and anything less would help me minimalize the damage and would still be highly appreciated.
Now, so you don't ever think you're not appreciated. I admit that I won't be able to give you any gifts for this help until I'm done with the thesis, but I promise that by the end of the year you will get something. (Besides my eternal gratefulness, obviously.)

5$ will give you a fic of at least 500 words.
10$ will give you a fic of at least 3.000 words.
25$ will give you a fic of at least 10.000 words.
50$ will practically sign me up to be your personal bigbang writer and I shall write a story of at least 25.000 words for you.

In each case you get a say about the fandom/plot/pairings/etc.

If you pay extra, I'm willing to join a new fandom to write you something. (The list of my current fandoms is here.)

Remember: I may not be a very good author, but I'm determined here and also I consider writing rare/weird/unconventional ships and pairings a personal challenge of mine, so if you had this one idea you wanted to commission, but had no one to go to - this is your chance.

I'm totally grateful to you if you decide to donate, signal boost this or even if you just read that and not thought about me as of terrible whiny leech. Thank you all. :*
BS - Miranda

A Reason To Leave / Congratulations To The Dry Eyes (Sherlock, Mycroft/Lestrade)

Title: A Reason To Leave
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Mycroft Holmes/Gregory Lestrade, Past Gregory Lestrade/OFCs
Words: 740
Summary: When Sherlock came back it was a relief in more ways than one.
Warnings/Notes: ANGST WITHOUT A HAPPY ENDING. Has a sequel, which is just as angsty, but from Mycroft's POV: Congratulations To The Dry Eyes.

A/N: Written for r_a_j_ka as an answer to the prompt in the 200 prompts meme. (Avaiable also on AO3.)

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Title: Congratulations to the dry eyes
Rating: Gen
Pairings/Characters: Mycroft Holmes/Gregory Lestrade
Words: 364
Summary: Mycroft quickly realized though that to avoid disappointment he couldn't possibly start assuming Lestrade would always figure everything out faster, that he would always be cleverer, that he wouldn’t be too far behind Mycroft. Because he always was and Mycroft had to wait for him to catch up.
Warnings/Notes: ANGST WITHOUT A HAPPY ENDING. Also, Mycroft's way of moving on is not at optimistic as one could hope. Also, it's a sequel to A Reason To Leave written from Mycroft's POV.

A/N: Written for r_a_j_ka as an answer to the prompt in the 200 prompts meme. (Avaiable also on AO3.)

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